COVID-19 Poetry Escape

Pen it down!

Stories and poems we read end up sticking with us.We vividly remember encounters,memorable moments, events, and people.


During these difficult times, most of us face a surge of emotions that needs to be channelled into something fruitful. Rather than sobbing over COVID-19, let us renew our sense of survival, motivation, and creativity. 

During the lockdown, we can be inspired by COVID-19 related issues and use writing as a therapy. The Rotaract Club of Mahebourg invites you to make good use of your time, explore your creativity, and make your voice heard even when you’re confined at home. 

Anne Frank said, “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”

Eligibility criteria: Only Rotaractors and Interactors can register.

Your poems shall be based on the writing prompts below:

1. Someone you cherish has been tested positive for COVID-19.

2. We destroy our planet. A virus forces us to face this fact. Write an apology to Mother Earth.

3. What you miss doing the most during this period of confinement.

4. Your feelings or anyone’s feelings during confinement at home, in a hospital, or your desired setting.

5. A message to people suffering in any way due to COVID-19.

6. Your choice. But your poem should be related to COVID-19 situations.

Submission guidelines:

1. Write a poem of not less than 10 lines based on one of the writing prompts above.
2. Your piece must be in English, French, or Mauritian Creole.
3. Your piece needs to have a title. Write a little introduction of less than 50 words to explain what inspired you and what you wanted to convey with this poem.
4. Only one individual’s name should be included in the submission and registration. Submissions under the name of one group are not accepted.
5. Only one poem per participant. Each participant gives us the right to use and publish your work under your name. Pseudonyms are acceptable.
6. It must be your original work.


Criteria the Jury will look for :

  1. Effective and engaging poetry. 

  2. Originality, flair and inventiveness. 

  3. Emotions and feelings evoked by the poem.



Four poems will be awarded and each will win

1. Rs 1,000

2. A token bearing the emblem of the Rotaract Club of Mahebourg

3. The opportunity to be published on our website. 


*An E-certificate will be issued via email to all participants as a recognition for creative writing.

*Rotaract Club of Mahebourg reserves the right to publish the poems submitted.


Submission deadline: 17th April 2020, 8pm.

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