Joint Meeting - Pinning of New Members

April 30, 2018



The Rotaract Club of Mahebourg held a joint meeting with the parent club, The Rotary Club of Mahebourg on the Monday, 30th April.


The meeting started with the presentation of members of both clubs to our guests and parents, then the protocol gave the announcements, excuses of absent members and explained the agenda for the night. 


President Chetan took the chair to present the activities and achievement of the Rotaract Club since the start of his mandate and the recent Learning Zone campaign done at le Bouchon. President Chetan then invite PE vashil and Rotaractor Pooja to present their projects respectively.


PE Vashil presented the Residential Training being done by the club for its members and guests. This activity has as prime objective to inculcate the values of Rotary and team building activities for members.


Rotaractor Pooja talked about the project Women's Health and Hygiene Awareness Campaign (See blog here).


During the second schedule of the meeting, PE Kamlesh of the Rotary Club invited the Rotarian Dean Christian Anseesing to talk a bit on the foundation of the Club, the timeline of the Rotary Club of Mahebourg since, and on the various activities undertook by the Club. Thereof, Rotarian Christian and PE Vashil presented the clubs' pennant and explained the significance of the clubs' emblem, respectively. 



The last schedule of the meeting marked a significant event for both clubs as our guests were induct and join the Rotary Network. The high table invited the mentors to introduce their respective guests to be pinned as members of the Rotaract Club.  Members of both clubs, parents and guests invited that night, joined to welcome the four new members: Laetitia, Lovish, Patrice and Yuvraj. 



Joining the wave of celebrations, President Chetan congratulated the newly graduated members of the club to have completed their degree programme. And yet, another celebration, the IPP Bandish invited President Jeevesh and President Chetan to join the high table to celebrate their birthdays. The assemble heartfully congratulated the presidents of both clubs for their birthdays. 


The Rotaract Club also, wishes a very warm welcome to its new members. 





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