Flood Toolkit

March 31, 2018


It has been a half a decade, already. The 30th of March 2013 is a day that has been engraved in the Mauritians' mind. Torrential rain flooded Port Louis within minutes causing colossal damages and loss of 11 lives. This unforeseeen event brought the realisation of the magnitude of climate change impact on life, livelihood and property and it further entailed the need for preparedness in face of such natural calamity.


Recently the island has been victim of the cyclone Berguitta. As a result, many areas of the island were flooded and the scenario of loss of property and damage to livelihood was repeated. Mauritius being a small island developing state (SIDS) is prone to the dire effects of climate change and flood is becoming a recurrent ailment. Climate change represents an imperative turning point in changing the climate of Mauritian lifestyle in terms of preparedness to natural hazards.


In line with this current situation, youth activists of the 13th Edition of the Conference Of Youth - Mauritius (COY13) in collaboration with Rotaract Club Mahebourg and SYAH-Mauritius have carefully designed a toolkit for flood preparedness as a resilience and adaptation measure to climate change.


The toolkit is a handy tool which you can carry with you and it provides the essential information such as:

  • prepared bag-pack

  • safety and first aid measures

  • list of emergency numbers Stay tuned for more information.

Preparedness in face of flood can help us protect our lives!




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