International Happiness Day 2017

March 19, 2017


We all want to lead a happy life and want the people we love to be happy too. However, our current society is not giving this enough of importance, we are rather mutually tending to concentrate onto economical growth and engaged ourselves into a race to overcome each other. 


Happiness has nothing to do with our fame and successful stories, if at the end of your journey you feel all empty. 


We need to re-think our priorities ! 


The good news is that with a better choice, we can create happiness, and by simple actions in our personal lives, communities, workplaces and schools we can contribute to create a happier and more caring society.


I welcome you to watch this motivational video by Philosopher J. Shetty



"A happier world is possible! Our actions really make a difference!" 



#Giving - Do things for others


Caring about others is a fundamental to one's happiness. Helping other people is not only good for them, it's good for us too.


- Dir. Vashil 








#Relating - Connect with other


Our relationships with other people are important. People with strong connection are happier, healthier and live longer!


- Presi-Elect. Chetan









#Exercising - Take Care


Our body and mind are connected. Being active makes us happy, yet we need to care for our mind and body to rest and to exercise.


- Rota. Elvin 








#Awareness & Mindful


Most of the times we miss what's in front of us. We just need to stop and take notice of the wonders around us. Wonders that can be for your well-being! 


- Rota. Poorun







 #Trying-out new things


Learning affects us positively, gives us new ideas, make us curious and engaged! Accomplishment and satisfaction will helps to boost oneself. 


- Rota. Neehal









#Goals and Direction


Build confidence and feel good about your future is really important. Set goals to motivate oneself - not many but realistic enough to excite you go ahead.


- Dir. Pravesh










We all have times of ups and down! However know how to react and respond! It will not be always easy but always choose best what you make of it.


- Treasurer Mevin 








#look for what's good


Positive emotions don't just feel good when we experience them. They help us perform better and improve our mental health. Therefore always seek for the good aspects. 


- Dir. Avinash










We are not build perfect! So stop comparing the negatives out of each other! Learn to accept ourselves and compensate each others. 


- Rota. Deepshika







"Happiness is always from within"




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