Physiotherapy Awareness Tour

November 8, 2016

After 4 years studying physiotherapy and almost 1 year practicing as a Physiotherapist, Rotaractor Mevin has noticed that unfortunately there is still a big part of the Mauritian population who is unaware about Physiotherapy and this is a very big issue.


As at this instance, there are many people who call themselves “professionals”. They even give ‘treatment’ to people at a very low prices, and of course people are more likely to seek treatment from the latter. Unfortunately, in doing so these people are doing more harm than good to themselves and by the time they will realise, it shall be too late to recover. Rotaractor Mevin has personally witnessed many cases where patients' condition have become worse and aggravated due to lack of knowledge about Physiotherapy or they sought help from so-called physiotherapist expert.


As it would be very difficult to gather the population and to conduct an awareness on Physiotherapy. The Rotaract Club of Mahebourg along with NGO Spinal Injuries Rehabilitation Centre (SIReC) are conducting a physiotherapy awareness tour in all Rotaract/Rotary clubs aroud Mauritius. The purpose of our project is to reduce and eliminate the orthodox practice of “fer geter” or “traiteur” being done on injured patients, which is unfortunately doing more harm that good.

Rotary Club of Mahebourg at Shandrani



Our first project presentation was done with the partner club,the Rotary Club of Mahebourg who gave us the support and opportunity to present our project at Shandrani.

We had the opportunity to do a presentation by a qualified physiotherapist followed by a small sketch by members of Rotaract Club Mahebourg in order to spread awareness about the benefits of physiotherapy. Special thanks to our partner club for making the first phase of our project successful. 



The purpose of our sketch is to promote the concept and importance of physiotherapy after an accident, instead of people relying onto conventional orthodox practices by people as it can negatively affect the health and moral state of a patient by great factor.


View our whole album here


Awareness Tour at Rotaract Club Flacq



We were able to have a second physiotherapy awareness session and presentation during a joint meeting with the Rotaract Club of Flacq on Wednesday 1st of March 2017. The session was hosted by Rotaractor Mevin and the President of SiREC, Mr Lovin, who also shared his experiences. 


We also had the opportunity to do a small sketch to demonstrate how "mauritian beliefs" could worsen the condition of a patient. Through the sketch we were able to put emphasis on the importance and proper way of being treated to avoid the medical complication.



View our whole album here



Awareness Tour at Joint Meeting Rotaract Curepipe


Rotaract Club Mahebourg has had the opportunity to do a Physiotherapy Awareness session, in collaboration with SIREC, where Treasure Mevin and SIREC President Lovin brought the attention of members and guests on the importance of having proper and good physiotherapy in the event one has unfortunately met an accident - otherwise the latter could be ill-treated and paralyzed.

After the intevention of the SiREC President Lovin, Treasure Mevin went on with the presentation and demonstrated the different occupational postures one should adopt in their professional life. 

To end this session, members of Rotaract Club Mahebourg staged a comedy sketch to showcase actual orthodox practices of Mauritian and the bad consequences for avoid a proper physiotherapy treatment. 




See sketch video:




For more information about SIREC: Click here


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