Rotaract Club of Mahebourg would not have been established and progressing if it was not for the support and the love provided by the Rotary Club of Mahebourg, our sponsor, and partner club.


They are truly are our parents and not just in the sense that they parented our club but in the fact, we have a strong committed relationship with them and the members. The work they do for the community is inspirational and something we aspire to do as well. 


We would like to express our gratitude especially to Jeevesh, President Rotary Club Mahebourg (photo).


18 July 1990



Meets on Tuesdays 

At Shandrani Hotel 

From 18h30


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Jeevesh Augnoo

President 2017-2018

Rotary Club Mahebourg

One wonders about pushing the human race forward.. Another wants to share the love we all deserve... Yet another feels responsible and grateful to be able to serve.. Together, they act upon their beliefs and bring a change through the Rotaract.. Your intentions and achievements delight us all and make me a proud Rotarian of my Rotaractors.

Ketsia Venkaya

Rotaract Officer 2018

Rotary Club Mahebourg

History of Rotary Club Mahebourg

It's all started after a survey in 1989 concluded that there was a case for a new Rotary Club in the southeast region. 

Preliminary information meetings between representatives of the sponsor Rotary Club of Curepipe and prospective members were held at The Chaland hotel on 18th January 1990. At the 3rd meeting on February 13th, office bearers were appointed; Jacques Tursan d'Espaignet accepted the invitation of the sponsor club of which he had previously been a member-to-be the "charter" president of the new club to be named the Rotary Club of Mahebourg.

On 20th March sub-committees of the prospective club were appointed and on the 29th March, the Zurich office of Rotary International approved the admission in the great Rotary family, of the provisional Rotary Club of Mahebourg with 25 members. The Charter certificate of the club whose territorial limits extend over the whole Mauritius with the exception of the townships of Beau Bassin and Rose Hill was issued by the Zurich office of Rotary International on the 18th July 1990.

At the club's meeting held on July 24th, the charter members received their rotary pin from distinguish representative of our sponsor club.The Charter Certificate was officially presented to the club by DG Sir Kailash Ramdanee on the 26 October 1990 at a banquet held at the Chaland hotel.

An artist's representation of the English frigate "SIRIUS" - which was sunk in the bay of Mahebourg in 1810 during the naval battle of Grand Port - shown on the background, The Lion Mountain - was chosen by the charter members as the logo.

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