Professional Development

Professional and Leadership Developments are, respectively, the cornerstone and key to the successful development of our club for the growth of professional skills. It is, also, one of the primary missions of Rotaract Clubs. Professional Development programs include a broad range of events, techniques, training, and activities ranging from established mentorship programs to guest speakers to workshops & seminars.


Rotaract is the only service organizations for young professionals that enable college students and working professionals from ages 18 to 35 to do service to their humanity, and help build themselves professionally and as future leaders.


The following is our list of ideas for Professional Development:

  • Have training and mentorship program between Rotarians and Rotaractors

  • Start mock interviewing sessions with Interactors and local community students.

  • Work one-on-one with club members to develop each of themselves professionally; including their resumes, interview skills, and networking abilities

  • Schedule interesting guest speakers during club meetings, or have the intervention of professional members

  • Organize tours of local factories and businesses.

  • Schedule group training opportunities (like first aid, ballroom dancing or cookery, vocational training at the learning zone and even emergency situation management)

Up Coming Project:

Peer Education & Development

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Ongoing Project:

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Conference of Youth (COY13) Mauritius

31 Oct 2017

The Conference of Youth (COY) is a subsidiary project for the run of the United Nation's Climate Summit - Conference of Parties (COP). COY regroups international and regional Youth NGOs, civil society actors, and young people from around 114 countries to discuss climate change in a programme comprised of more than 225 single events. This year, the 13th  edition of Local COY for Mauritius was organized by SYAH in collaboration with the Rotaract Club Mahebourg and National Youth Council (NYC) on the 1st and 2nd of November at Anse La Raie Youth Center. 

Talk on Nutritional habits by Rota Yovanee - World Health Day

02 Apr 2017

The club welcomed Rotaractor Yovanee during its statutory meeting on Monday 3rd April for a talk on Nutritional Values and Healthy Habits in context of the World Health Day. 

Physiotherapy Awareness Tour @ Joint Meeting CPP, PHX, RBL & MBG

07 Mar 2017

Rotaract Club Mahebourg has had the opportunity to do a Physiotherapy Awareness session, in collaboration with SIREC, where Treasure Mevin and SIREC President Lovin brought the attention of members and guests on the importance of having proper and good physiotherapy in the event one has unfortunately met an accident - otherwise the latter could be ill-treated and paralyzed. 


After the intevention of the SiREC President Lovin, Treasure Mevin went on with the presentation and demonstrated the different occupational postures one should adopt in their professional life. To end this session, members of Rotaract Club Mahebourg staged a comedy sketch to showcase actual orthodox practices of Mauritian and the bad consequences for avoid a proper physiotherapy treatment. 

Physiotherapy Awareness Tour @ ROTA Flacq

28 Feb 2017

We were able to have a second physiotherapy awareness session and presentation during a joint meeting with the Rotaract Club of Flacq on Wednesday 1st of March 2017. The session was hosted by Rotaractor Mevin and the President of SiREC, Mr Lovin, who also shared his experiences. 


We also had the opportunity to do a small sketch to demonstrate how "Mauritian beliefs" could worsen the condition of a patient. Through the sketch, we were able to put emphasis on the importance and proper way of being treated to avoid the medical complication.

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