Rotaract Club Mahebourg

The Rotaract Club Mahebourg, a club partner with Rotary Club Mahebourg,  is a group of globally connected youth who cultivate professional relationships and leadership skills through community service.


The Rotaract is engaged in a wide range of hands-on service projects, fun networking and social activities, and professional development opportunities. As a member of the Rotaract organization, we are a part of an international network of 175,000 young leaders belonging to over 7,500 clubs in 156 countries.


The Rotaract Club Mahebourg exists to provide an opportunity for young men and women, aged 18 to 35, to enhance their knowledge and skills that will assist them in their personal and professional development, such that in the future they can address the physical and social needs of the community, and promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

Chetan Gukhool

Message of President

Founded in early 2014 by a group of young and dynamic students and professionals under the guidance of the Rotary Club of Mahebourg. Fulfilling all administrative procedure, the club was officially chartered on 18th of Aug 2014, following which we have inducted and pinned our fellow Founder Members. Today, the Rotaract Club Mahebourg, now a partner club with Rotary Club Mahebourg, is one of the youth programs organization in the southern of Mauritius. We are a non-profit organization where members are volunteers without financial compensation.



The goal of the club's programs is for young people (both students, aspiring professionals, and on field professionals) to polish their leadership skills, serve the community, broaden their international perspective, and seize the opportunity to network and meet people which they are able to achieve through a series of workshops, seminars, community service projects (both locally and international) and most importantly, through fellowships.

President 2017-2018

Our Insignia

The Lion Mountain

We have the Lion Mountain in the background. Difficult to do without the imposing forms of the lion when heading towards Mahebourg. It is the symbolic guardian of our village for lasting generations. It represents our will to stand strong and look over our young generation.

The Cavendish Bridge

Commonly known as 'Pont la Ville-Noire', dates more than two centuries, it withstood the throes of time, and is the pride of Mahebourg. This historical monument of the locality connects Mahebourg its sub-villages. The bridge symbolizes (1) a lasting link within the Rotaract club Mahebourg, (2) a solidarity that will withstand all the obstacles that may arise along the way, and (3) stand as a strong mean to unite communities.

The Sail/Regatta

It represents an opportunity to celebrate when fellows (the fishermen) maneuver their boats altogether by few means, but with great passion, and these men of the sea offer us a beautiful spectacle. We use this as an inspiration for in our club, (1) members all want to make a positive contribution to society no matter how small but impactful, and (2) will become an achievement for celebration while (3) having a good and cheerful spirit in the team.

The Ocean/Sea

The sea (bay of Grand Port) symbolizes hardship, the flow of time, opportunities, and mystery, through which the club will have to venture. Formless and unpredictable, yet people enjoy its turquoise lagoons and
'Mauri-licious' seafood. We use the sea to represent (1) the period of hardship through troubled waters yet enjoy the period calmness and, (2) vast opportunities for development.

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